Friday, January 7, 2011

New Year Resolution 2011

While people are whining about 300 days to 2012, the day the world ends, coming of a new age or whatever, why don't you make yourself useful?

Ok, I admit I am useless for the past few years, so I am going to make a change.

  1. Help at least 700 people in one year.
  2. Compose 3 songs for Neamhus.
  3. Finish writing my novels.
  4. Post up my Lunar River episodes on blog and heavily advertise on that.
  5. Seal up 'cracks' with my friends.
  6. Try to be more gila and sporting.
  7. Make keyboard class more successful
  8. Try find some 'eat-out' friends.
  9. Write a list of people who have helped me so I can do something about them
  10. STOP LAZYing around.
  11. Study every day at least 15 minutes (last time NONE at all)
  12. Stop pitying myself
  13. Study Physics (General Relativity and Special Relativity)
  14. Get in touch with Islamic Finance.
  15. Kill racism in every friend's heart

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