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Saturday, January 22, 2011

Stop Licking Own Wounds (SLOW)


S.L.O.W. : Stop Licking Own Wounds.

Straight to the point.
Last time, or recently (somewhat), I have been admiring people are having fun here and there. For example, SiewCheng went to Sabah for a trip. I saw those photos and I was like... WOW... that was fun! Wish I was there... But thinking back the family I have in Ipoh, I halted.

Then, last semester I was complaining no one accompany me for dinner, keep ordering delivery till sick (virtually). This time is a long semester, 14 weeks. I don't want to fill those days with delivery uncles honking the motors and carrying by food package.

How pathetic...

But then, hey
They spend RM700 for the Sabah trip when Chinese New Year is coming, while I can help making cookies and hang out with my Poi Lam friends.

Hey, I can eat whatever junk food I have in my hostel.

So, S.L.O.W.

I am happy to be me. (after all I am Neruvatar of the Vastusmere). I teach music, I guide my friends, I help my friends, I blog, I write songs, I write novels, I play piano...

There are lots of funs in those things if you pay close attention!

So, gee up and let's get going!

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