Saturday, January 29, 2011


Haiz... Complicated feelings. Hope someone can understand. Everyone seemed to be busy on their Chinese New Year holidays and no one is here to listen my voice.

Heartstomper is unofficially and unconfirmed to be here in my life. If you notice me nowadays, there is this someone who stomps into my life since last week. I think YOU know who am I talking about. Out of ordinary life, Q suddenly came to know me, or rather, Q knows me already, but he didn't talk to me much.

A year ago, Q never say 'hi' or 'bye'. It's just we passed by each other like nobody.

But last week, Q started to talk to me.Weird, I know. But what should I do? I can't just simply ignore him. So I talked. A careful and cautious one. No personal stuff. Something like 'Wah, so early.' And I will answer 'Ya.'

'Ya, ya, ya'
'No, no, no'

That's my answers.

Things got way too complicated this week. Personal stuff becomes a chat topic. Jokes become bullies. Speech becomes smiles. It happened way too fast for me to comprehend. It's like a flower blooming in 3 seconds.

Impossible. And yet, it did.

Now, maybe because of Q's character, I am drawn to it. Call me whatever negative remarks you want, but seriously, out of my control, it just happened.

Now, I am not planning to take Q as a best friend or buddy because I don't wish something that happened me before happens again. It feels awful. I need time to heal. {Conscious: or maybe he can heal?} TTM= think too much.

Now I feel difficult. The 'joint project' is coming soon.

What should I do?

I feel complicated. EMO-ing....

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