Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Of Ah Pek and Ah Moi

I remembered once, when a Malay friend of mine in NS called me Ah Pek. I ignored him because I didn't know he was calling me. Then I replied to him, reluctantly.

Then, I baru taw almost every Malay is calling us Chinese Ah Pek and Ah Moi. Stupid me! LOL

OK, so here I am to clear up everyone's mind to all races in every corner of the world, and even Chinese themselves don't know about this.

Ah Pek does not mean 'chinese guy'. Ah Pek means Uncle, or Pakcik in Chinese dialect. To create a better image, Ah Pek refers to a guy who is 50 years old and above, wearing thick black glasses, wearing singlet and slippers, reading newspaper and drink a cup of kopi-O.

So, it is a bit memalukan or humiliating to call a Chinese Ah Pek. Imagine us calling people who is young and handsome 'Ah Pek'.... it's not betul langsung. So, remember that ya~

Ah Moi, is also a misnomer. Ah Moi generally refers to Aunty, or Makcik in Chinese dialect. BUT, there are also other meanings, like pelacur, perempuan simpanan or hamba/pembantu rumah. It's a derogatory term. Terma menghina. Don't use it.

But then, how are you going to call Chinese boys and girls? La, just 'excuse me, bang/dik/cik/kak ...'

AND one more thing...
Chinese surnames is located at the front. Lau Ah Keong, the family name is Lau, so don't call them Lau or Ah Lau because once you call them this name, you can see millions of Chinese people will answer you. Just call them Ah Keong, the two names behind because that's their name.

Sometimes calling him Keong is not proper as well. Because what if there are Lau Ah Keong and Lim See Keong? Whom are you referring to? Jadi, take note lah!

No one calls by their surname/family name/ father's name, KECUALI, you put Mr/Ms/Mrs. Then you can call them Ms Lau, Mr Lau...

OK? faham semua? LOL....

Well, hope you all can change the way you call people... Bye bye...


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