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Monday, January 31, 2011

Mama Says (II)

Hmm... after three days in Ipoh (a wee bit spending in solitairy) I think I can now fully refresh my mind on those 'E.M.O.' things. LOL...

I remembered what my mum said: 'Don't choose a flower that is blooming vibrantly. It doesn't stay long that way. Instead find a pot of flower that has no flower buds, in that way you can groom it.'

Nice. Finally I have got the meaning of this. That 'Q-thing', I have decided. It's a blooming flower. No point complaining over that. Time to move on, yeah.

Another of my mum saying: 'Don't eat the same delicious dish all time. You get muak (fed up).'

So, no point chitchatting and scribbling over each other 'every day' (seriously, no misunderstanding here), later if I get muak, who is going to give me new food?

Blah blah blah, I think, let it be. We all studied the new product development process and how the sales goes along with its profit (unless you are a science student), so we know there must be a point of 'product maturity' and 'product decline'. If I don't want to 'decline', then it might as well I skip the entire 'maturity' part.



XD... Happy Chinese New Year everyone! (And don't simply leave notes on Facebook, I don't get online often enough to see your 'paparazzic' notes.)

[PS: thanks for voting me!]

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