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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Call Me Biantai because

Call me biantai (crazy doofus/extreme-eccentric-er) because during the holidays I:
  1. Learn German.
  2. Compose 2 incomplete songs
  3. Find how to tap energy from vacuum or manipulate vacuum
  4. Pick up how to prevent causality problem involving in General Relativity
  5. Sleep 10 hours a day AT LEAST
  6. Learn why carbon is so rare and yet found in Earth organisms
  7. Learn how to kill a star
  8. Learn how to suppress inertia
  9. Plant ubi kayu.
  10. Keep saying 'indeeeeeeeeeeed' (emphasise on the 'deeeeeeeeeeeed' part) when someone is saying a statement.

Blah, the last biantai-ism (pronounced as bee-yan-thai-yee-zerm) is I do 10 biantai-ing acts for 4 weeks.

[PS: Results out... SMS me if you want to know... not online-ing that frequent...]

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