Wednesday, January 5, 2011


My holidays doesn't seem to go well. It's bad. Before these holidays, I've planned myself to study German, write a song, write my novel and help mum. Now, it is disastrous.

First, my German is picking up at super slow speed. Not that I am a slow learner. It's just that I have lost much time to spend on my German. Out of 30 lessons, I managed to squeeze through 2 lessons for 3 weeks. Apalah.....

Second, my song is rewritten again and again due to lost of insipration. Why lost insipiration? Because of disturbance of people coming in and out of the house. I don't know when I can finish writing it.

Third, my novel is coming along quite fine till the old laptop was repaired. Damn. I have to remerge all the parts. That took me more than 18 hours just for 3 chapters. WTH. I have 28 more. So, ladies and gentlemen, do the math.

Fourth, mum is frustrated over spoilt oven and so am I. The oven is a magic wonder that keeps our peanut cookies tasty and melting. Those of you have makan before, I think you know the texture and taste. Now, the oven is spoilt and there is no more such version of oven in the market. It's an old but good model. Nowadays ovens make my cookies dry and burnt. How am I going to prepare and help making cookies when my holidays are going to be over? Especially Chinese New Year is coming up fast.

Fifth... argh I don't want to say it here. Just so sad that someone can have all 4.0s and still have a lazy, selfish, coward and bad-tempered one around in the house. Everyday after work go PPS. I don't think he spend a single hour with the everyone else. WHAT is so GREAT about KOREAN DRAMAS? It's fake. It's drama. You don't get that life in real world.


I felt hopeless. Seriously. I feel like I am not helping around. Well later going for a movie with Hui Xin. I hope someone could take things off my mind now.



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