Tuesday, January 18, 2011

I Hate You

Once upon a time in a faraway land, Prince Charming met with Princess UnCharming.

Prince: My dear princess, I fall in love with you in my first sight!
Princess: My dear prince, I fall to the abyss when I saw you coming.
Prince: Your eyes are like stars...
Princess: Your eyes will see the stars once I punch you.
Prince: Your dress is awesome...
Princess: I can lend it to you if you want.
Prince: I can't believe I have met you here, my dear!
Princess: I really CAN'T BELIEVE I met you here.
Prince: Together, we will have a happily ever after life.
Princess: Yeah right, you will have a happy afterlife.
Prince: Will you, my dear, follow me back to my castle?
Princess: You scared of getting lost?
Prince: Will you, my love, marry me?
Princess: I don't love you, therefore, I am not your love. Thus, I cannot marry you.
Prince: ...
Princess: ?
Prince: !
Princess :!?
Princess: WTF?
Prince: We have nothing in common.
Princess: I know that!
Prince: Wow, we have something in common after all since you also know we are uncommon!
Princess: FXXX off!
Prince: I hate you.
Princess: I hate you, too.
Prince: We hate each other, and I guess this is another common thing we have!
Princess: Ridiculous!
Prince: Wonderful! I am thinking of this word...
Princess: Would you please NOT marry me?
Prince: I will NOT!
Princess: FINE!!!

And they live happily ever after because of their common things they shared.

The End.

Why don't you see things in different perspective? Your enemies might be your friend if you can see it through.

C... O... L... D...

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