Friday, January 21, 2011

Light Wonder

Blah blah blah, yup, that's right. This is me AGAIN (I know you ARE disappointed). But hey, I love buzzing you guys. So what?

So what? I am a rock star! I got my rock moves....

So, in this article, I am going to share with you the amazing facts of light. Ya, it's so BORING. Then, turn away, go click the [x] button on the top-right corner of your screen.


Did you know that as a person travels closer and closer to the light speed, the person you see becomes narrower and narrower, as if compressed by unseen forces ahead and behind him?

Did you know when YOU are travelling closer to light speed, you can see a point like thing ahead of your eyes where everything distorted and converged there? Imagine you picking up a handkerchief with a nip of your finger, that's how the wrinkle pattern resemble your visual.

Did you know as you are only a few hair breadth speed of light (say, 99,99999999 percent the speed of light), the thing ahead of you looks blue while everything behind you looks red?

Did you know, everything you see now, including food, is actually a past tense? This is because the light travels from the food to your eyes takes time (although the time interval is negligible).

Did you know, travelling close to the speed of light will make you feel heavier and heavier?

Did you know, light speed is constant? By throwing a ball ahead of you when you cycle, the ball travels much further than you stand still and throw it. By the same token, if you cycle and switch on your torchlight, and stand still to do it, the light still travels same. The speed never increased.

Did you know, we can virtually STOP light?

Did you know that time moves much slower when you move much faster? (OK, this is seriously nothing to do with light anyway)

Did you know that time moves faster and faster when gravity is weaker and weaker? (I know this isn't about light facts)

Blah blah blah.... if any of you would like to pinpoint any mistakes above, please, you are welcome to do so, because I might type something wrong due to my messy mind I am having now. LOL...

So, everyone, drive faster ya! So that you can remain young while others get old faster! And you will ease traffic jam when you get compressed when you speed.

Pooh, BAH! That's a joke. It WON'T happen. That two scenarios are just nonsense. Yes, you can drive fast to remain young, provided you travel near light speed! LOL

Byebye, my dear Pembunuh Ketam

[PS: Want to know what is Ketam all about? Go scuffle through the archives, find the title 'Ketam' and you will know]


  1. Interesting just as expected. Just for my interest, which technology are you referring to by saying we could stop light? Do you actually mean to slow it down?

  2. By powering up a laser through a sodiumm cloud, the light can be 'captured' in a brief second. You can learn more by google it...I cannot afford to write everything here, unless I write a blog post about stopping light.

    Slowing light is easy. Whenever a light passes through a denser medium, the speed is slowed. Cheers!

  3. you are welcome! thanks for visiting and commenting anyway! i will post more physics amazing facts...