Thursday, January 13, 2011

Cookie Riddle

I have extra peanut cookies (homemade, super-melting effective) and I would like to share out to you guys (provided you are within reach of me).

If you are in Ipoh, make sure you can come to my house and get it.
If you are in Kampar, make sure you are near my house.

Sorry for those who are far, far, far, far, far away.... ><

The riddle is easy. There are 4 numbers below. One has been given. The other three must be solved by observing my Facebook status. My Facebook status can be a number, or a sentence referring a number. Be smart. There will be a hint. Collect all other 3 numbers and you get one.

First come First serve.

And... uh... it's not 4D by the way. Just try to find where are my numbers on Facebook starting 18 January 2011.



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