Thursday, January 27, 2011

Fizan, my buddy

Fizan, dear buddy,

Too long we didn't meet each other. It's about 2 years... how are you with Ikin? Sorry I am too busy nowadays as I am in Degree Year 1 Semester 3, 2 more years to graduate.

On your 20th birthday, I am sorry I can't play the piano for you because I have no piano around me in the hostel. But the promise I still hold. I WILL play for you in the near future, perhaps your wedding. LOL.

I don't know did you make any Chinese friends or not. LOL. Hope you did find one like me, hehe. And I see you love to open up your own business. I see the passion. But I hope you can listen to one advice of mine: take your time, business doesn't bloom in months, it takes at least 5 years of real business.


I don't know whether I am going back to Kedah this Chinese New Year, but I will try my best. Will you come to visit me? LOL. I don't think so, because I might not be at Kedah, even if I am in Kedah, my relatives are going to take me somewhere else to play. LOL. Sorry ya!

Well, how's your first day in your 20's? Tweenage. Supposed to be fun eh? Make some wish for your 20 years old. Make 20 wishes. And I will be beside you helping your pray for your wish come true.

I still keep a piece of yellow paper which you write your name and signature during our PK class, a scarf from your PK performance (remember that performance which you be the pirate?) and the page of my book where you write your thoughts on me.

And I will keep them forever.

Well, I got to go to school right now, my class starts at 8am to 8pm nonstop. Pity me. So, before I go, let me say something:

You are still my buddy, the best.

"Happy Birthday!"

From your buddy

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