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Thursday, January 20, 2011

Heart Stomper

Since the crisis between me and my besties in the secondary school era, I am praying each day to get a friend like a brother, or at least somehow better than others.

One comes, one go...

I just felt like standing in the middle of the road looking at beautiful cars going pass me without stopping and say 'Hi'. That's how I felt. I saw many great strangers with great personalities, but, impossible to be great friends, because they already had their lives.

Imagine going up front and say 'Hi! Can I know you?'

In the case of females, they will say 'Yerrr... you fall in love with me meh?'
In the case of males, they will say 'That's so GAY.'


So, I choose to remain 'SINGLE'. LOL.

My friend once told me, female friends often break-up and re-bond or bond very quickly, like excited state of atom. They never feel the pain. Even if they feel the pain, it was short and brief.

But when male friends quarrel and break-up, bonding takes extremely long time to get over with. It's like a scratched tree bark, leaking all its sap. It really hurt your heart till the extreme point. It is super pain at the beginning and slowly (emphasizing on the word 'SLOWLY') heal. Just like a supernova of a massive star, bright and burst, but takes millions of years to cooldown.

Potong ketam:

I saw some of my 'recognisable' friends came into my life. It nearly became a dream-come-true before a great disaster outbroke between us.


I started knowing the person and muttered in my heart 'He is a nice friend'. Then, after a short period of time, either that person told you he/she has a bestie and wants to show you or he/she is leaving, making you hard to spend more time to 'bloom' your friendship with him/her.

That's what I called Heart Stomper.

It comes into your life, stomps around your heart, leaving all footprints on your heart and memories in your mind and then *poof*, he/she is not available to be your bestie.


Trying to spend more time with a new friend is tough. Not just ordinary new friend. It's those friends you think you can be like 'friends forever' or 'brother' or 'siblings' or 'gang'. Damn, I do sound like I am in love.

Now, in my mind, there are two more candidates. Either I just keep that or I forget.

Heart Stompers, you made my life miserable but exciting.


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