Thursday, January 20, 2011

Paper Doll Nightmare

I just had a nightmare. I don't know why am I sharing it out. But I sense some familiarities, like it is from a Japan horror film or Korea. Don't know. Maybe you guys can tell me.

I was walking in the mall with my family. There, in a corner, I saw a stall selling paper dolls. Their paper dolls were quite comical and creative with all colours blend together, but they looked much like origami, with sharp edges and abrupt angles.

I walked up.

The stallholder, a lady with pale face but jolly smile. She showed me to walk on the printed footprints on the floor. So I did what she said.

She smiled and gave me a paper doll. I paid for it and I left. My younger brother was next buying the paper doll and we continued shopping.

In a food court, I saw a little girl sitting on a stool all lonely. She was holding her paper doll. Her paper doll was much nicer than mine. The kimono-like paper doll dress was tainted with cherry red splats flower. But she looked sad.

She saw my paper doll.

'Throw it away,' she said.
'What?' I was surprised.
'Throw your paper doll away. It's hideous,' she said.
'Hey, that's an insult!' I said.

Someone tugged my sleeve. 'I saw something...' My younger brother said, pointing to the cashier direction. 'It's coming... It's looking at us...'

Without waiting, both of us scrambled away. I didn't bother to look at the direction my brother was pointing. I knew it was something horrible the moment I saw his white face of fear.

Next, we went to the mattress department. Mama and Daddy was selecting our new mattresses. We were joking around till I saw something ugly as a dog walked past me. It slowly gained invisibility as it walked.

I blinked.

'I saw it...' my younger brother said. 'There's the same thing that follow it and it is still watching us.'

'But I swore I didn't see anything except that dog,' I said.

Then my younger brother suddenly leapt and catch something on the ground, something like a cat pouncing on a mouse. He seemed to be holding an invisible thing in his hands.

He yelled and let go.

'What's wrong?' Mama asked.
'There's something here,' My younger brother said.
'What's it?'
'A monster...'

Mama laughed and walked away.

At night, the lights went out. I dashed out from my bedroom and saw my younger brother walked out as well with Mama and daddy, holding a torchlight. The thunder came out of nowhere. But there was no sign of my elder brother.

'He was downstairs washing his face. I thought he came up five minutes ago,' Mama said.
'He never entered the room,' I told her.

Beneath the stairs, it was pitch dark. I swore I heard something growl and a slurping noise. Then I saw my paper doll was watching me on the desk downstairs, which faced up the stairs.

There was something not right about the paper doll shirt.

It was stained in red.
And wet.

I woke up.

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