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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Love the Hate

I don't hate people. Seriously.

OK, I lied. I do hate people, provided that particular person is bugging my a** off with pissed off attitude against me after a period of time of precipitating negative feelings.

Gosh, how ketam my definition of 'hate' on me.

Look, here's the story:

It was almost a year ago when I first met X. The first time I saw X was filled with negative remarks (sorry for that prasangka though), such as: boastful, "act cool", threatening (in the sense that X threatens my position) and else.

I never talked to X. Never. X talked and I grinned and smiled away like an idiot. No. I didn't want any kind of communication and contact with X. Dammit. X is too 'famous' to be talked of. I tried avoiding X, only staring at X with suspicious eyes and offensive stares.

That's it. I didn't like X. No, I don't mean I hate X. I just, you know, dislike. If you hate someone, you are trying to bash a person's head in your imaginative world. In this case, I just tried my best to ignore and 'look down' on X.

Then it was this moment X turned out to be the entire opposite of what I thought. I know, I know. But this is different. X is, well..., how to put that in words... 'impactful'. X leaves impressions on everywhere X goes.

Sadly, X really goes.

Blah. Just another piece of ketam here. How I wish I can tell out my feelings now to any listener.

Hello? You there?


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