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Sunday, January 23, 2011

Lunar River (Episode 8)

It wasn't long before the ship woke her up. After gathering herself and ate some food, she moved to her deck to check her updates. She scrolled down the screen and read it one by one. Most of it were technical glitch and her ship had successfully repaired it and sent her an error report. But there were certain things made her caught her breath.

The first one was the anomalous large object that swooped over her just before Vohne had died. The ship had investigated and analysed all available information, now the ship presented the possible explanation of what was going on there.

The object was not very large, only seven or eight kilometres long and two kilometres wide. That size had made the ship think that would be a cruiser, or an arustaship (a ship that travels close to the speed of light). The illusion of being 'big' was because the volume surrounding the cruiser had a less dense orbs swirling around, like miniature attendants of fish around a big monster fish. The cruiser had moved to the direction of Vohne and was heard no more.

She thought hard. It couldn't be Adema. Her ship was far smaller. It was impossible she could grow her ship that large. Sylvina didn't think much. It was over now. Both Vohne and Adema were not here anymore.

She looked at the other message.

It was said that there were several hundreds of ships around the Booster. It was unclear what they were doing but results showed that those ships had Rimdi's identification.

She paused.

What was Rimdi doing out here in this deserted sector?

Then, the ship shook. Alarms and klaxons rang wildly. The ship had sustained minor injuries. Another time made the ship shook even more violently. She had to held on tight. The ship screen showed that someone was behind her, firing nonstop.

She calculated the time the weapon needed to recharge. It's about four rounds. After four shots, the weapon recharged which meant the weapon was of medium power, something resembling a weak gamma-ray cannon.

She issued a neural command to the ship. She wanted hydrogen slugs to be fired back. From a liquid hydrogen to a gas hydrogen, the phase change would release so much energy that she doubt the ship could survive the hit.

Indeed, in just a few gunshots, her opponent became quiet. She ordered the ship to swerve back and planned to dock the enemy ship, taking it as her own prize. It wasn't that bad. She had got every reason to take it, especially the size of the ship was huge enough to contain her ship.

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