Wednesday, February 2, 2011

As Long As the Candle Stays

You stand on the crossroad. You don't know where to go. You asked people and they tell you the same thing: "Where I go, you go."

Ever heard of the poem "The Road Not Taken"? It's both a good and bad thing. It's what we called 'Life'. Life is interesting when there are choices to be made. If you don't, what life are you having besides the life of others?

Ahead, you must not be quivering over the words by your kin. Think. Think hard. If it comes to your expertise, your profession and you think you can perform well at the end of the road, then take it without doubt. Don't ever hesitate. Did you know a moment of hesitation will cause you a lifetime of regret?

I was once a Science student, bravely announcing to public that I am taking 'Marine Bio' as my field of study, after I discarded the idea of being an Astrophysicist. Teachers congratulated me, friends pressured me. I love the sea. I am an Aquarian, who cares?

My doctor even told me that I have to learn intensive scuba-diving and submarine engineering, but I still stood still over my choice. For me, the candle ahead of me is shining brightly like a star and I was determined to go straight.

But now, a Banking and Finance student. Who pressured me? Nobody did. It was a gradual and yet abrupt transition (paradox...). I took Biotech after I failed to receive 8 scholarships (till now I don't understand why those 8 failed), then I switched to Biochem, then Biomed, then Chemical Engineering, then Computer Science (thinking of inventing Quantum Computers), to Journalism, Accountancy and finally, Banking and Finance.

I changed it because I see something else. I am versatile enough to learn any course, but the world isn't versatile enough to contain my wild heart. I can only choose one, or two if possible. Then I began to research on the market.

Financers are all around me. Without finance knowledge, you don't even know when your bank is cheating on you. Well, that's not the point. The point is, I see my candle light dimmed and sometimes even obstructed by an unknown force.

Then I realised. In my home country, you can take Science field, but you have to be superbly PRO and work in Multi-National Company to move faster, or else, you will be trapped in 3 major fields: Fishery, Forestry (Palm oil) and Mineral (Petroleum).

I don't want those three.

So I make a tough choice, that made my mum cried because she worried I cannot cope it in the future as I was so 'science-based' till I do my own experiment and research at home, even argued a point in Wikipedia. And of course, she once told me to take business. She thought she was forcing me to take Business.

Nah, it wasn't. And she said, study well, no course offered in the university is wasted. Or else there won't be that course after all.

And so, here I am, a Banking and Finance student, finding new fun and horizon in my future. Ahead, I saw my candlelight again.

Then I realised something awful.

The candle never changed. It won't changed for a person. It stays there. It's just a matter of changing perspective. No matter how, you still reach for the candle. Don't blow it. Don't question it. Your friends might threaten to take it away, or force you to see it at the other perspective. Not good. You have to see it for yourself.

As long as the candle stays, your choices remain open, that's what I can say. Both choices are equally good. My friend said my science was good. But it wasn't that good after I realised I have talked so much about science that - psychologically - my friends thought I was 'science-minded'.

Try talk 2 different topics or choices at once at equal length, equal depth, equal width. You will be surprised your friend would say:

'Go and choose one and say la. I am confused to hear two topics alternating every day!'

Now, for that statement, what choice you choose?

So, the choice is yours. The candle is yours. How you burn it, how you shine it, how you look it, depends on you. Nobody can help that.

[PS: currently too many people asking for my advice. My lame advice can be above. If not, sorry for wasting your time over here. Let you punch next time I see you.]


  1. how come u can switch so many courses??
    u study one sem for each o how?

  2. Answered you on chatbox... LOL....