Sunday, February 27, 2011

Saturday Night Fever

For you: It's not I hate you, it's not I like you, it's just that we cannot be.

LOL, I feel perfect this weekend. Out of nonsense and cries! LOL.... I can't stop smiling at myself. Yesterday I went to Vegas for lunch, LOL, with Jeffry and WeiFa. Hey, although I am a bicycle fan, Jeffry has a car ok? So he took us there.

It's been my 3rd time there for the entire life in UTAR. (1st time with family, 2nd time with AiLi and Siewcheng)

Then, went back and have a rest. Later, WeiFa invited me and Weiwei for dinner at his house. LOL. And we walked there. And BY THE WAY, someone misunderstood we are couples. Really SWT. Then after eating with WeiFa, we get to know his 'secret' manager, aka secretary. LOL...

Of course we had our Music Club Weekly Classses meeting.

Damn, I purposely avoided eye contact but that fellow still manage to 'dig' me out. You know who I mean...

Then I went to sleep with those WORDS from that fellow swarming in my mind. I feel kinda syok when that fellow did that. LOL. I am not sadistic, but it somehow like, erm, I miss that kind of way being 'dug'.

LOL.... sorry because this post is an ultimate nonsense. It's my first time writing a real blog of mine, unless you are able to decipher the Wanderer series. LOL

[PS: you can tell how happy am I by counting how many LOL's I have written. LOL]

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