Monday, February 28, 2011

Espionage + Gone

I thought I have quit espionage service a long time ago, before I stepped my first foot in UTAR (helllooo? How many feet I got anyway?). Alright, sorry for the bombastic term "ESPIONAGE", well, I am going to explain to you:

Espionage (noun) - An act of an individual or an organisation to obtain any information that is considered a secret without the permission of the information holder.

Yeah, me and my ketam-y explanation. One word: SPY.

I used to join espionage system of a vast complicated network, then I pulled out, deciding to join UTAR to be a better person. OK, I know it sounds like the Ashton Kutcher movie, but it's true. I quitted being a spy.

But this semester, damn, I am back, unvoluntarily and unconsciously. It wasn't my fault. Well, sort of. Just because I have to know someone's background to keep me safe, I have to do so...

OK, fine.

But doing espionage is difficult and tragic. I tend to know secrets that I shouldn't know. I tried to accept X, but X seemed to be couldn't care less with that pissed off attitude. I tried to accept Y, but suddenly Y becomes a good friend of X, rendering me alone in the corner. Then, I tried avoiding both.

In simpler terms:
X is volatile
Y is not
I can know X but Y cannot know X.
Now the equation is X 'not equal to' Y,
if X = Y, then Me is out of the equation.

Since X=Y now,
so Me is GONE.

'I want you to know, it doesn't matter where we take this road, 'cause someone's gotta go...'

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