Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Wanderer (Episode 11)

One more turn of hourglass and the next day arrived. The Wanderer had just finished teaching his new disciples. They had left but, alas, none of them shared the same shadow as the Prey. He walked out from his house and went to the Lake of Sunsets and breathed the air.

He saw a man, sitting next to another friend, telling his friend great stories of how he ventured the Grey Palace and what did he do to be the Master of Studies. His friend talked with him and shared everything in awe and surprise. The Wanderer wondered what was their relationship.

His curiosity grew and he passed by purposely to eavesdrop. It wasn't long for him to catch the answer. The guy was his friend's senior. He arrived at the Grey Palace one year earlier than his friend, but it seemed like both of them shared good friendship rather than between a master and his student.

The Wanderer sank.

Nostalgic memories flooded his mind where his first Disciple and him shared an almost same kind of bond with each other, where both of them supported each other under the Inquisitor Board. But one slight mistake, one slight error in his spy network had caused him and his Dsiciple to collapse.

One false step...

Now, seeking pilgrimage in the Grey Palace, the Wanderer vowed not to make the same mistake again. Queue and Prey were both shadows of his past and nothing more. He would pay more attention on his pilgrimage.

No more Disciples. He told himself. Until needs arose. And he would find out who sent those magical letters to him.

He closed his eyes...

He opened again. He saw them.

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