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Saturday, February 19, 2011

Wanderer (Episode 5)

The Wanderer was given a task to study the logics between the prediction and vision. He had sit in his room for more than four turns of hourglass and yet his mind still lingered on the fact of his Prey.

Playful, he wrote in his diaries, but definitely smart. He paused. He thought about the time he had with his Muses yesterday. He put back his quill in his inkbox and tore the parchment. He shook his head, telling himself his Prey had his own life, no need to think more about it.

He remembered he had a similar disciple when he was nearing his twenties. The Disciple was almost the same kind like his Prey. His Disciple loved to talk about girls and sweet-talk them, but never ever had a good conversation with boys.

The result of his Disciple? He lost contact with him for a very long time because of some misunderstanding.

He shook his head again, clearing his mind.

He thought of his pilgrimage here in the Grey Palace near the Lake of the Sunsets. He remembered every maiden and lord's attitude. It seemed like almost everyone in the palace was talking about opposite gender the most.

Perhaps his inner God wanted him to correct this mistake. Perhaps his inner God wanted him to adapt. Perhaps his inner God wanted him to investigate. It could be loads of messages, but he was tired to find out.

His heart was sacred, that's what he believed.

If his Prey wanted to be like that, it's because his Prey believed his own heart, not the Wanderer's. So, he, the Wanderer couldn't change his Prey's heart easily.

Let him be, he told himself.

He remembered what his master told him again:

"Losing a friend is not like losing a lover,
some people can find another lover fast
but many cannot make it last.
Lose a friend and you have to find another
of trust and care
or secrets to share
Lose a lover and you have to find another
to love and bear
the pain and still be there.
Choose wisely of your road taken."
The Wanderer smiled again. There were two roads ahead of him, one which was the road of diamond, another was the road that leads to the Prey.
He knew his choice.
Disclaimer: The word 'God' the text does not mean God in any sense. It is a metaphor, meaning a self-conscious. Hope to clarify this. Peace! Thanks for stalking my personal life too!

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