Tuesday, February 8, 2011

What are YOU?

Cosmos, or the universe, is so vast. But which are you? You are a dot out of 6 billion dots in the whole world. See which fits you:

PLANET: You do things repetitively to ensure your survival and life. Just like a planet, whirling on its orbit, never do anything but keeping its rock/gas well within its own volume.

STAR: You are just to narcissist. You like people to look at you, admire you, or maybe you like to make people look at you or admire you. Simply...

SUPERNOVA: You love to shine on others. You do things quick and bright and leave a huge impact on people life, be it good or bad. You just love that.

BLACKHOLE: You are seriously obsessive. You are a controllist. You take everything to your side and claim it your possession. You argue over benefits...

NEUTRON STAR: You can attract people, but by the same token, you refuse to let out your petty secrets. Anyone found hurling criticism to your face will be rewarded with your verbal or action response.

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