Monday, February 21, 2011

Wanderer (Episode 8)

Strange but true, the Wanderer thought, someone had taken his script and placed it in the library. Fortunately nobody knew about it, if not havoc could be created.

Minor matter, nothing much, he thought. Until he remembered the message from the Prey. He picked it up from where he had placed it in the morning and read it. He folded the paper in two without thinking and kept it in the drawer.

He wasn't prepared for any kind of response. He wasn't even bothered to know. For him, the message was just like any ordinary story to read. Maybe it was a hoax, and it might as well not be. Anyway, he didn't care.

A letter flew by the window mysteriously. He went and picked it up. The letter magically unfolded itself and revealed the content of changing words. The Wanderer gasped again. It was the same letter he had accepted earlier in the morning, speaking of the Lux, Nox and the Ascension.

He compared the Prey's message and the new letter. He checked twice and read it again. There was a hint of similar words.

'Who wrote this?' he asked out loud.

The letter changed its words and revealed another news: New members of the Lux and Nox were getting closer to form the Ascension. The Wanderer could not stop wondering was it someone behind all these to persuade Muses to join the Ascension?

Was that because the Prey wrote that message?

How could the Wanderer find the truth when he was only a pilgrim in the Grey Palace? He couldn't get any permission to peer deeper into the depths. It was halted.

Or was it entirely two different incidents?

Whatever, the Wanderer thought. It was all out of his hands now. The Prey was loose. He let him go. It wasn't the best choice, but at least it was the best choice out of the watertight end. Or sticky end, some called it.

The door behind him creaked. He spun around.

A young girl of brown hair and fair skin entered his room with a warm smile.

'Hello, Wanderer, I believe we've met before,' she said, still smiling.

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