Wednesday, February 9, 2011


Sleepless nights of exactly three weeks.

What has gone into me that makes you never gone in my heart? Maybe I shouldn't stroll too early near that house, or else I wouldn't even see you walking pass.

You know what makes me feel terrible? It's the feeling of wanting to know someone but that someone keeps shifting in and out of my vision, making me difficult to approach.

Once, you talked to me. I was like 'OMG'. The voice. The eyes. The humour. The personality.


Then you said 'Goodnight' before I had a chance to ask you more. You turned away, stepping further and further away. The clear footsteps of yours, were like hammers on my heart... *stomp stomp stomp*...

I don't know what feeling is that. It's not sad, not worry, not happy, not excited. Just my heart beats deeper.

Before Chinese New Year, I was already holding a card, wishing to pass it to you. But you were already gone. I heard your friends said that you are out for a few days before returning here. I thought I can wait for you, but I have to go back to my own house.

I failed.

And the card is still here.

I hope we can meet somemore. It's a once-in-a-lifetime feeling that I have never experienced before.

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