Thursday, February 24, 2011

Helping Hand

Once, I fell badly because I was obsessed with a target. Sorry, not the kind of target you are thinking. But I did fell badly, so badly that I thought the world is closing around me while shifting everyone out of existence, leaving me in lonely, darkness and a claustrophobic world.

Then there was a hand slipped in through a thick curtain. I looked up, cleaned my tears and grabbed it. The hand seemed like to have an immense strength, the moment the hand pulled me up, the walls opened up and the world was bright.

Then, I lost the sight of the hand.

I searched everywhere and I can't find it. Just as I was sinking down on myself again, frustrating and desperate over the search, the same hand patted on my back. I quickly turned my head to see who was behind me.

Again, the hand was gone.

Then after a series of hide-and-seek game, I realised something significant:
"A true friend's helping hand never shows his/her face because helping isn't about showing"

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