Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Wanderer (Interlude 2)

It was raining outside. The Wanderer once again gazed out from his window, thinking back what he had done since morning. He thought and thought, but nothing came, except the mere anxiety that caused him to work fast on his scripts. If he was not mistaken, the Grey Palace wanted three scripts to be done before next week or he would face danger.

He sighed in relieve. He didn't think of his Prey and other Muses today. It was a great day, except the rain.

The door knocked once again. It was the Priestess. 'Wanderer, the Guildmaster wanted to meet you and your fellow Muses by this weekend, please be noted,' she said and left, as her usual act.

The Wanderer sighed.

So he still had to contact his Prey, no matter how, no matter what day.

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