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Sunday, February 13, 2011


My teacher once said, "Piano has two-colour keys: black and white. If your key is more towards black keys, your songs are magical and mysterious."

For me, I love black-key sentimental songs, like those Pastel Reflections by Kevin Kern. But white keys serve me well as well, like Through the Arbor by Kevin Kern.

People ask me, why I love piano so much.

Simple. You can never get bored with piano, especially you have more than a billion permutations of keys available, since you have 88 keys on it.

I had a wish, and I hope someone can help me fulfil because I have no financial surplus to deal with it, that is: I wish for a blue piano. Not those kind of navy blue, but something resembling a sky blue or copper (II) sulphate blue (sorry for my science fever kicking in again).

Like this one:

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