Thursday, February 17, 2011

Wanderer (Episode 1)

Another metaphoric story of mine...

A wanderer whose name is his own name came into the Valley of the Mountains and the Lake of the Sunset. The view of the grey palace once attracted his attention to seek pilgramage or even refuge there.

Because of his quiet and serious character, the Knights and Knaves of the Palace seemed to be disturbed by his presence.

Some claimed he has the power to make music into moving pictures. Some said his power of words can change the hearts of the dragons, even tamed them.

But he was quiet. He was like a drain rat, scampering every corner but never leaves a mark.

Twenty-four moons later, he was now a Guider. He had his teachings. He had his disciples. But none of which he desired upon. His ultimate pilgrimage aim was to find someone whom he could lay trust on, teach continuously and guide that someone to be able to touch the consellations.

He failed.

He told himself, 'even great hawks lose their prey'

Three Cycles of the Moon, another pilgrim sought refuge in the Grey Palace. Unthinkable, unable and unexpected, the pilgrim became another Guider of the Fives.

He told himself, 'the prey is locked.'

The Wanderer story is based loosely on my real life in UTAR. Some of it is fiction, some of it is not. Make your own discretion. Check out what happens to the pilgrim whose name is his name.

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