Saturday, February 12, 2011

Solving Problems

Well, there is a Chinese saying: "Crack the claypot and ask to the depths", or in other words, ask something you wish to know till you reach a satisfactory answer.

It's a good thing, no doubt. I am not that kind of person. I am a little bit on the pessimistic side. But I am not cynical to that point. I push someone if I wish to get an answer and then throw up a zillion problems to that person, hoping he/she will answer all.

That's why I became an event manager quite a few times. That's what people wants: a wholesome picture of all the possible limitations, problems, disadvantages and also advantages, budget cuts and publicity. These can be achieved by keep asking those stupid and very serious question.

Psst: it usually starts with 'What If?'

But there are some problems which cannot, STRICTLY, probe too deep. Or you are getting shit out of it. Sorry for the harsh word, but I can't find any more suitable words to replace it. Dung, perhaps? Or 'faeces'? Or even more technical term - "organic detritus excretion"?

Sorry for ketam-ing.

Take for an example, solving a relationship crisis. Your boyfriend leaves you and you are determined to find out why. So you begin to stalk his daily activities, stalk his Facebook, check his e-mail and blog, ask his friend about his stuff, ask your friend about his being... bla bla bla...

That doesn't work.

If the relationship is over, then you should get over it. It sounds bad. But it is. Once a relationship is over, it means that either party is really determined that the story requires a well-rounded fullstop (duh! try draw a half fullstop!). You can no longer carry on your story with him, except by having a new story where he is no longer in the limelight.

In other words, you start a new paragraph, or maybe a chapter. (But, seriously, don't end the story [suicide... XD])

In this case, it's like you are a geologist (here comes my magnificent analogy of sociology against science), and you discover a crack at a mountain top. The crack is snaking down, nearing to the base. You want to find out what causes it, and so you pick up a hoe, or spade, or whatever thing, and you start to dig deeper to see where the crack ends, so that you can know how much to fill up the crack.

And so you dig dig diggedy dig... down you go...

HEY, wake up!

What happens if you continue to dig? It's not that you will never find the real limit (because you just keep digging), you in fact are trying to pull two rocks apart! And what does that cost you? Time!

OK, you stop after realising it is a waste of time, you lift up your chin and see the hole you have dug. And you are like "OMG, how am I going to get out? How am I going to fill up this crack as I've intended to?"

Now, that's probing too deep will get you shit.

Some problems are not to be solved, but to be a fine lesson to all of us. Striking our bells of wisdom whether we can change our way before we get too deep.

It's time to move on, friend!

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