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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Feeling Sorry

I am way too rush. I never thought of the consequences. Now I leave a person guilty and questioning all over the acts.

I made someone guilty and I am feeling bad about it. Who doesn't? I don't wish to see that person turns from a cheerful and playful one to a solemn and timid person. I want to see that person's soul come back.

I miss that person's old character.

I am sorry.

I never consulted you before I nearly insulted you. I never mean to do that. What you told me. How you turn back. How you lay your trust on me. I didn't wait for you to explain and I lay down my verdict.

I am sorry.

I screwed up. It's not that person. It's not you. It's me. All the while I was TTM-ing. You are right. We just have to run our lives as usual. No more complication. No more politicking.

I am sorry.

I wish I can turn back the clock and keep what I've said. 'A moment lost can never be again', but I sincerely wish that this will not happen. You mean to much for us, and we are treasuring you.

I wish you can read this. No matter how weird it sounds.

Your trustee

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