Friday, February 25, 2011

Wanderer (Episode 13)

The Wanderer sat on the chair furiously, took out a quill, deep in the darkest ink he could find and carved deeply on the parchment:

"I thought you are good enough to be honest. But everything I found about you is about lie. You betrayed me by becoming one of the Ascension, formed by Queue. You lied to me about not joining the Ascension. You lied to me about your learning. You lied to me about your wealth. You lied to me about everything.

I gave you my life for making you a better pilgrim, in the end, I am making a miserable life for myself. What for? I have been asking myself. What for I seek pilgrimage at the Grey Palace? For seeking a new Apprentice? A new Disciple?

I asked myself thousands of times this year but I couldn't find an answer.

Now, it is clear that you betrayed your own master and your guild. I have no choice but not to exile you. I will do my own exile. I will not interfere with anything happening in the guild, nor I will have more Apprentices. Your future is yours and I have no means to control it.

I will silently leave and seek my own pilgrimage at the other corner of the Grey Palace, where you would never ever see me, send me letters or meet me.

I have had enough taking care all my Apprentices. It's time for you all to stand on your own.


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