Tuesday, February 8, 2011


Just for ketam-ing:

Arguments of the monetary difference (as in asset account) between Economics, Accountancy and Finance.

Economics: Either both debit and credit side must equal, or debit side must increase to the max (they just love equilibriums, don't they?)
Accountancy: No matter how, both sides MUST equal. NO questions asked. If unequal, you are a bad accountant.
Finance: Make it credit! Make it credit! No risk no return! Gotta take that risk to earn more profit!!!

Arguments of the urinary process occur in organism between Biology, Chemistry and Physics.

Biology: As the toxic waste increases, osmosis is required to bring out the impurities. It keeps us alive. That's bio!
Chemistry: It's nothing bio. The chemical process of how a protein transforming into urea is nothing biological. It's chemical. Without atomic bonding and breaking, these wouldn't have happened. Chemis ROCKS~
Physics: Shut up. You're wrong. There is an energy transfer from a higher gradient to a lower gradient. In order to preserve the energy flow and not wasted, extra energy consumers must be expelled through kinetic energy and gravitational energy. Or else why our urinary duct is downward flowing?

Arguments of the music instrument practicality between Piano, Violin and Guitar

Violin: Hah, guitar can't use bow to play double-stopping!
Guitar: I can strum chords simultaneously. You can?
Piano: Pooh bah, I can play ten notes minimum as a chord!

Hey, no hard feelings mates!

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