Friday, February 18, 2011

Wanderer (Episode 2)

It was far by unthinkable that the training from the Grey Palace ended early. The Wanderer knew by heart that the after it would be his Day of Birth. He knew that somewhere, someone was planning a celebration.

The Wanderer wasn't expecting anything. He never had surprises before. He made himself surprises every year till there weren't any surprises left. In fact, he saw a vision, a terrible one as his Day of Birth present.

It was a vision of fear and sadness. He saw himself ruining the Prey's life. The Guiders of the Five were collapsing. He thought about running away from the Guild of Guiders, seeking for another sanctuary. But he thought of his long-targeted Prey.

He wanted to do something on his Prey. His Prey kept running around and paid no attention, less to say heed any advice from him. For the Wanderer, the Prey was like his son, his brother. He saw something in the Prey's eyes that nobody had.

He wiped his tears away.

There, a celebration waiting in the Garden of the Lake of Sunsets. He saw the food, the people, all from the Guiders of Five and some from the Guild of Guiders. Under the bright full moonlight, tinted by hints of red and yellow flying lanterns, the Wanderer saw a vision in the stars.

He saw his Prey's excellence. At the same time, he saw his own downfall. He didn't get the vision. Was it supposed he run away while his Prey ascend?

He saw his Prey lying on the saddle of his horseback. He wanted to say something, something that might have shine some light over his Prey's thoughts. He wanted to say: "I like to have you as my...'

'Hey Wanderer, come here!' his Guildmaster called him.

Before he knew it, his Prey got up from his saddle and rode back to his mansion, saying he would like to read up some scrolls and had a shut of eyes for tomorrow.

The Gods told him in his vision dream:
'Your Prey is the one who shatters millions of hearts
and sweetens millions of flowers.
You can and must never say what you wish him to be.
He will never understand your sacrifice from your pilgrimage.
Unless you are a woman, then he will.
he is just a shadow of your best pilgrim you had before
but nothing more.'

I was sad. Really, especially on my birthday eve. I had so many troubles and yet I cannot identify them. I know I need a shoulder, but ever since last Thursday, things are much clearer to me that I am best at my own when others are minding their own business.

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