Saturday, February 12, 2011

Silence Fills My Soul

In the night, under the tree
Where those sparkling stars we could see
You told me
'What a great friend you are to me.'

We rested at the meadow
Counting stars to tick off our sorrow
is a day where I have to go.'

I didn't understand
All those days we spent
till the glass bent
You never told me about this then.

One morning I went to your place
Your mum said you are at a pace
So quickly till I couldn't chase
And she said you gave me case.

I stood under the same tree
and opened the case you sent to me
There's a gift more than any
That shatters my heart in me

You're gone
I am done
I am alone
even when ths sun shone.

Silence fills my soul
when the feeling inside goes low
I touch the case you gave
Hoping it can ease my grave
but it fails
like a wind out of the sails

I am too good to be a friend
till I can't accept when things come to an end

Should I always be forgiving
when knowing that you are always taking
while I am always giving?


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