Monday, February 7, 2011

Distorted Love

I listened to RedFM one day and the DJ kept saying 'I love you' to anyone calling over, regardless of gender.

It makes me wonder...

Once, I said 'I love you to be my friend...'
My friend giggled and said 'Yeah, me too...'

Then, now I said 'I like to have you as my friend'
My friend widened his eyes and said 'What, are you gay?'

Now, I said '...'
My friend replied '=.='

It seems like the vocabulary of English has been severly abused and biased.

LOVE does not mean ROMANCE

It simply tells us the feeling we feel great and comfortable with someone. OK, fine, you don't wanna use LOVE, so use LIKE instead.

But LIKE conveys a meaning of LOVE.

Equation 1: LOVE = ROMANCE
Equation 2: LIKE = LOVE


So, here's a case:

I like durian.

Does that mean I am having a ROMANCE with durian?


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