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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Wanderer (Episode 9)

'Who are you?' the Wanderer asked the lady.

'I am the Priestess of the Guild. I am sent by your master's dream,' she said. 'Here is the message and listen clearly:
Miss someone by thinking will make you lost
Think someone by missing you make him lost'
Then the Priestess walked out and shut the door behind her. And at the same time a letter slipped out from her dress. The Wanderer wanted to call her back, but the letter magically slipped into his fingers and opened itself.
He read.
It was a letter that a Prince wanted to meet them. Wait. Them? He continued reading. He nearly smacked his forehead for that. He nearly forgot that he had a partner to join him in a journey to spread his pilgrimage. He was one of the Muses. His name was Queue. He didn't know why the name was like that, but it seemed like everyone in the Grey Palace got a hook with it.
There was a time for meeting with Queue and the Prince. And so he went.

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