Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Wisdom of the Sea

People started calling me the New Age Philosopher and I am 'sick' of it. Come on, I just give mere advices and encouragement. That shouldn't make me something like Confucius Reincarnated (sounds like a video game title).

Actually, I sometimes think where I got my advices and mountain-high philosophies. Blah. But I know when it started. It was during Primary 5. I know it sounds crazy but when I was Primary 5, my nickname was 'Mr Cool' for being expressionless, cold and hard like cryo-metal. Then, I went to Penang with my family.

Guess what, I went to Batu Ferringhi. I didn't talk much (duh, Mr Cool) and I went looking for a large boulder located at the shallow sea. The sea was knee-high and I walked carefully to the boulder and sat on it, all alone.

The feeling was bad, I tell you. EMO. You feel alone, but when people come and care for you, your heart splits into two: GO AWAY and I WISH YOU CAN TALK TO ME NOW. Paradox. Yup. I know.

I observed how the waves waving and how the sky merges with the sea. I listened the whispers of the wind. Then like a spark plug being ignited, my mind became crystal clear, like a whiteboard being scrubbed clean.

I love the sea more often than ever. (That should explain the blog in blue with sea names)

Why can't we be the sea?

The waves are churning, just like our emotions shifting; but below the sea, it is serene and calm, teeming with life. There is an old saying: there is despair in life, but there is also life in despair. Why EMO about things you have lost while you have almost everything by your side?

Look at the sea, it is just water and bubbles, but how many treasures it holds? From the massive Titanic to the smallest invertebrates like sea-angel and smallest chordates like the tunicles. It fits everything and never roars. Can we be as content as the cucumber when the world is in mess? Try. Beauty is only skin deep. You keep your best in your hearts, don't show off.

Tsunami occurs. That's sad. But who doesn't get pissed off? Have you ever heard sea-life being devastated when tsunami occurs? That's what we should learn. You get pissed off but don't you ever harm your goodness in your heart. Although tsunami wrecks the land, it still occurs like in a blue moon. So, what's your BEST reason for getting anger and show them your pissed of face?

Anger is caused by your heart being tiny for not able to contain a prick of sand.
Sadness is caused by your heart unable to capture the fallen stars.

Why put these two emotions in your heart always while you can have Happiness, Excitement, Satisfaction and among all thousands of positive feelings?

Listen. Just listen. I am willing to help you all to get up but one thing I cannot stand is you don't give yourself a push. Honestly speaking, when I make a friend, I don't like him or her to be sad. I will do whatever I can to put a smile on their faces.

For guys, they think I am gay as I am being thorough to cheer them up.
For girls, they think I am great because to them, many guys failed to cheer girls except on material needs.

I am not being Adonis. I lost 6 times of best-friend relationship with guys because of their egotism. On the other hand, I never lost any best-friend relationship with girls. I don't know why seriously. And I hope (that's my wish since Form 1) that some guys can treat me well enough. ><

Enough blabbering. Chinese New Year is here, I am not here to pressure anyone.

Have fun!

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