Saturday, February 12, 2011

Once Upon A Time

Once upon a time, there lived a boy who had a simple life. He liked to play piano very much, composing each day if the feeling and inspiration just right. He thought, by having fun with himself could seal him off from the hectic life of the universe, just like persuading a gravitational bubble around him, or even a twisted space-time fabric around him like a cocoon.

But he was wrong.

Someone did knock on the door. He usually kept it locked but this time, out of mere curiosity, he unlocked it. That was the first mistake he did. That someone entered his house, saw how old the furniture was, how crisp the old books were and how stale the air smelt.

The moment the door was opened, fresh air and scent blew his mind away. That someone suddenly talked about things he couldn't understand. Not because that someone was using an unspoken or unheard of language, but it was a shock that this someone talked like as if both of them knew each other for a long time.

He stood there and kept nodding at every sentence that someone threw up.

Then, that someone left.

'I'll catch up with ya later.'

He looked back at his room. His belongings were still there, but it was shifted. The old book was moved to the piano, piano moved closer to his old grandfather's guitar...



He thought he had lost it decades ago. Where did that pop into his house? Most importantly, when? Did that someone bring the guitar along? Or was it a miracle or blessing of that someone gave?

He dropped on his dusty sofa, and sunk into his deep thoughts.

Exactly a month later, another person came knocking the door. This time he was cautious. He was confused whether to let the stranger enter. He might make a mistake last time (though the word 'might' was strongly emphasised here). So this time, he peered at the stranger's face.

Not bad, he thought. At least the stranger didn't look so threatening.

He unhooked the door and opened slowly

The stranger walked in. The stranger didn't say anything for a moment. The stranger gazed around his dusty house. The stranger walked to the piano and waved to him.

'Come, join me for a duet,' the stranger smiled

And hesitately, he joined.

After a series of laughter and fun, the stranger left with the door opened.

'Nice to have you here,' the stranger said, bowed and left.

He turned back to his house and saw everything was tidied properly and cleaned. Was that another trick? He didn't know. He was simply amazed.

He went to his drawer, took out a box. He opened it and re-read the message given by someone he had lost a long time ago.

'Find yourself a better friend,' it read.

The problem was: Which one?

Certain words above are metaphors, or contain hidden meaning. Decipher it properly and you will know what true story I am having. Hint: UTAR

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