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Saturday, February 5, 2011


Y'know, I feel like I want to find a hole and bury myself in it.

Chinese New Year, I thought I can be more focus. Akhirnya, I failed. I don't know why I started to care sooooo much about my friends. All because of that Mrs Temitayo, made me 'dreamt' about Mr Q.

OK, seriously no misunderstanding here.

Call me a psychotic prophet, what I dreamt is never good. Yes, my dreams do come true, but often with a twisted, sticky end. Deja vu is never my expertise.

Here, let me warned you something hidden in me:

When I dreamt about YOU, it means that both of us never meant to be friends at all. Even we can be the bestest of the best, it just last very short and bright, like a supernova. So, at first I thought that separation in the next few months might be a good thing for everyone.

But... A big big BUT...

No, it didn't happen the same way I've thought.

There isn't any separation. There is a close call of - what you say, er, fate? - destiny. Stop saying the follow to me:

I look like him.
I behave like him.
I am cheeky like him.

Correction here ladies and gentlemen, I am WHO I AM. I don't resemble him in MANY ways. Doesn't mean we know each other, we have to be LIKE each other.

My first war with a guy is at Form 5
My 2nd war is also at late Form 5
My 3rd war is at 2009.
My 4th war is at 2010.

I don't want to have a 5th war. Maybe Weiwei was right after all. Maybe Alan was right. I shouldn't indulge myself in treating my friends well till I met someone who treat me the way like I do.

Weiwei, you know who am I talking right?

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