Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Wanderer (Episode 10)

What he feared most had come, even when Queue was one of them. His Prey was, sadly, indeed slipping away from his teaching and the last voice he ever heard was "I am gone. Don't look for me."

He trembled but it was expected in his vision. The Ascension was emerging, but from Queue's tone, it was still some road ahead to be taken. He took the Wanderer to meet the Prince and the Prince wanted the partnership between him and the Queue be stronger.

He and Queue exchanged glances and giggled.

Giggled? The Wanderer was surprised. It had been a long time since he had giggled. He stared at Queue and realised that, all those perceptions from the Knights and Knaves had been wrong. Queue was not a slave or any underling of the Nox, he was of one of the prime Ascension.

A letter flew in from the window and opened itself. It revealed that the Prey wasn't going anywhere yet and was in need to meet the Wanderer.

'What's it?' the Queue asked.

'Hmm? Nothing,' he replied. He didn't want the Queue to know about the Prey's intention. If not, the rise of the Ascension would be quicker and inevitable.

'Alright,' the Queue said, patting on his shoulder. 'Catch up with you later.'

The Wanderer sank deeper in his chair.

Who sent the magical letter?

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