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Sunday, February 20, 2011

Wanderer (Episode 6)

The Wanderer woke up when the sun rose. He nearly forgot he had a training lesson at the Grey Palace. His carriage awaited and he quickly rode to the palace.

"Effective Leader", that was the topic. He went there and sat with his kin, none of which were the Muses or the Guildmaster. The old Guru was good, he told himself.

The Wanderer was shy at first, especially being given a group of 5 ladies and no lords, except he was the only lord there. Fortunately, he befriended them as soon as the training starts. They were fun and active. They never bored him.

Throughout the training, he realised one thing that made him think about his Prey for so long. He was unable to lift himself up from the past and move to the future. Maybe that would break the Cycle*. He knew that as great leaders, he needed to learn how to love and care his Disciples, although his Prey wasn't really his Disciple.

He nodded each session and continued to realise his own potential.

He knew one thing: respect. He realised he had invaded many people's privacy and now he had to stop. He would respect them, regardless they were his friend or foe. They are humans. They had esteem, they needed to be respect.

And so, he would let go of his Prey.

His master told him:

"No one likes to be gripped upon.
Even the tree dies if you hug it tight.
Love is not shown in action or words
Love is how you respect and care
without touching and saying."

The Cycle refers to a condition I am being, that is, every 2 or 3 years, one male friend is destined to leave me. The Cycle started since I was in Primary 6. The recent one ended in about last year

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