Saturday, February 19, 2011

Wanderer (Episode 4)

'Pardon me, is there anyone in there?' a familiar voice called from outside, followed by a creaking sound of a carriage.

It was nightfall, and the Wanderer was preparing to welcome the Muses, although the Muse of Strings had arrived. When he reached for the door, he saw another gentlemen and it was one of the Knights of the Grey Palace. He was holding two scrolls.

'Greetings, happy anniversary of your birth,' the Knight said. 'Here, I've taken your books for a very long time. It's time to return to its master.' He reached out the books.

The Wanderer saw the cover of the book. Indeed, it was his book. In fact, a very favourite one.

'Thank you!' the Wanderer said.

'Here's another,' the Knight smiled. He revealed the second book. It had a white cover and a black base, rimmed by old-fashioned spine. He flipped through the pages quickly...

The Wanderer was shocked and surprised. It was the Scroll of the Million Words by one of the famous Muses in the world by the name of Aenia. The Scroll was a prized possession by most Muses.



The Muses did not really play him a song, but instead, they became happier as compared with the previous days. It was like a gathering of the Muses to share the laughter and talk. It was a good night for the Wanderer to spend.

He looked at everyone's eyes: The Muse of Strings, The Muse of Plucked Strings and the Muse of Pad. He came to a realisation where his Master had told him before:
'On your pilgrimage,
your old friends are always gold,
your new friends are dews.
Old friends get the value
while new friends tend to be sold.
Try to understand
and change your new friends into old,
as dew into gold.'

He smiled.

It was a sign of a golden day shining from the Grey Palace.

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