Monday, April 9, 2012

Sacrificing vs Stupid

There is a blurring line between sacrificing and stupid. I think.

Many people do stupid things for love. We might look at it as stupid but the doer actually thinks of it as sacrificing or romantic. OK. Now to clear things up: Sacrificing is an intersecting set with Stupid. Love is the subset of both.

Got it?


Then you're stupid. (aka you're loved. XD)

OK, this is my personal thining and experience, you have the right to disagree, but just don't yell it in front of my face.

I have a funny trait. When I love someone, I will sacrifice something to do it. For example, someone wanted dinner. Even though I have assignments, I will still go for it because dinner is a must. No matter how busy you are, you still need to have your dinner. So, what's the harm going for dinner?

That's not excessive sacrifice though. Excessive sacrifice happens when even you discard your job and your valued time for someone you love. For example, someone wanted to go for vacation. You are in the middle of your assignment. Impossible for me to go fo that vacation trip. It's... unacceptable.

But when we turn the situation around. If I asked someone for dinner and they say "I'm busy. Assignments." I will feel stupid and disappointed. I mean like, does it take long to have dinner? It's only 30 minutes!

Johnny Bravo suddenly comes into my mind while typing this blog. So is he stupid or sacrificing for his love, though he was slapped and rejected? Or, is he romantic?


I really cannot accept people rejecting me on a simple reason. Sometimes it's worse when this happens:

"Hey, wanna go out?"
"No. I am busy."

Then 2 hours later, you saw that someone going out with others. You held down your temper, and asked:

"I thought you are busy?"
"That was 2 hours ago."

How would you feel?
Your fault or that someone's?

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