Thursday, April 19, 2012

Peace, Racist and Democracy

I just don't understand why generations like this could behave like this. As university graduates, I thought you could be more sensible and wise, as well as smart in dealing things and conflicts.


You complain that race is being racist, but did you know, if you start to condemn them being racist, you yourselves are actually behaving like a racist guy! If you start to hate that race, the other race might just as well hates you, then when will this end? Tell me.

For everyone's sake, it's the 21st century now. If you don't like that person, you could just walk away. You don't have to shout and yell like an idiot and post it on Facebook to incite other people's anger against others (as well as each other).

 Racist, dear God, you claim them racist, but are you not?

Do you seriously think that rallying all your race at one point to slam down another race that they are racist? Don't you think what you do is also racist? Please, pakai otak sikit. If you want to stop racist, stop being a racist person. If everyone embrace each other as they should, then it should be fine! Somehow, I am sad to see tertiary-ed people acting like kids: they insist on what they want, they cry when they don't get it and they turn rebellious.

Spoiled eggs in a community, I dare say.

If you hate that policy, you can vote for another party. It's all to simple. Why do you have to waste your voice and effort in protesting here and there, post it on Facebook or Twitter. You can vote. If you are a minority, you can learn from mistakes the government did and try making a change next time.

Seriously, you think yelling and kicking, cursing and beating will actually help to solve this problem? Shame on you! You hate people who use violence, but think again, what you did is incite violence. You think you play no part on it, or in it?

Please, youths, Wake UP! You are in a knowledge society. Intelligent individuals. Surely you can do something more sensible than that! Dislike the party? Don't vote them. You don't have to ask everyone not to vote for them. That's not ethical. They have their choices too, you know. Even if they vote for a party you dislike, you should respect them and their decision, not spit on them.

Who are you to spit on them?

You demanded full democracy. Right? You want a clean, pure democracy? So, if something as simple as respect and you can't even do it, do you honestly think that there will be a pure democracy?

My God.

Bless the poor EQ underlings!

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