Saturday, April 7, 2012

Tiny Blog 2 (Not really)

Today, around 1pm, I called delivery service and have myself lunch. I was hesitating to make a call to order which food: RM6 Japanese Chicken Chop Rice or RM5.50 Oat Fried Fish Chips Rice. I made my mind up and ordered after 5 minutes.

Then, I divested myself, took off everything. Stark naked. And I walked into the bathroom for a bath. Hot day. Can't be blamed.

 I opened my bathroom door after shower and stepped out.

Gawd. The curtains weren't closed. I wondered anyone from the opposite could see my *ahem*. Shit. I quickly dressed up and the delivery uncle came.

Went down and found my meal to be RM5.50. Wait, I thought I wanted to order Japanese Chicken Chop Rice? I asked the uncle and he said its not what I've ordered. I wanted to reject the order and wait for my real food. I argued with him. He then made a call to the restaurant.

"Yes, yes..." he replied with a frown. "It's yours, sir. Only one order has been placed from this house and it's not Japanese Chicken Chop Rice."

I took the rice gingerly, blushed and went upstairs to unleash my wrath on the poor service.

I paused.

I saw I circled Oat Fried Fish Chips Rice for my lunch on the menu.

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