Saturday, April 6, 2013


Hey bloggie!

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I just found out this cool thing about "tossing a bottle into the sea" by using Blogspot. You write your whatever-it-is message (be it cool or sad or nostalgic) and post it as a blogpost with an additional tag of [MESSAGE]. When others drop by and saw your post, they will forward it on their own blogs! See whether the world is round when you will pick up your own bottle!

OK, so this is it. This is my first time tossing a bottle into this "Blog Sea", hope anyone would forward it and carry my message far beyond.

I am going to talk about something not of emotions, I think. So I hope you are patient enough to follow me. ;)

Do you know somethings are not supposed to be completed? Like, when you bake a cake, you don't put it in the oven and claim it complete. Sounds crazy, right? But wait, hear me out, I have this cool gift from someone. It's a music box! The song (I dunno what song is that) ran for 5 minutes, as I was told.


I didn't finish listening to it. Till now, 12 years has come to pass. And my gifter had gone away, somewhere in Europe I think and I can't get in touch with him till he comes back, which will be another 8 more years, if he had enough money.

I didn't want to hear the ending of the delicate music because it feels sad to end it. I want to hold that music on forever till I meet him once again and let the music continue.

It's... sentimental, I guess.

I don't have his address or contacts, but I do wish this message would reach him by the help of Sea Bloggers!

PS: Maybe you can toss your own bottle too! Who knows I will pick it up and forward it on my blog?


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