Saturday, November 22, 2014


It's been almost a year since I blogged. I am terribly sorry. To compensate the loss, I have found a piece of anonymous letter 4 months ago. I felt sad after I have read it. Hope you all will not blame me for ruining the holiday mood...

"I met him almost 10 months ago. We were once strangers but as time goes, we become alright. But there is this feeling in me that doesn't feel right. I can't say I love him. But I do know I adore him. We take care of each other and we never leave each other alone.

It's enough to rouse a gayness between us. But I am not sure whether he is a gay. If he is, I can be very true to him and I will care for him more than like a friend.

He didn't admit he's a gay but I hope something in us will sprout. I don't know. I don't think gay has something to do with our relationship. I only want to know who we are.

I'm trapped and I can never know due awkward cowardice. I am not brave enough to ask him that straight in the face. I can sense that he has the similar thoughts about me. Neither of us want to jeopardize out relationship by destroying hopes and destruction...

You are my only electronic sea messenger. Help me please."


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