Thursday, February 7, 2013


It's 2013 now, and New Age or Pleiades is playing my mind with the colour:


___________ RED_______  ____

I have an urge to dye my hair maroon, which never occur before. I have NEVER ever thought of dyeing my hair in my life, but 2013, this thought blinked in my mind.

Second, I bought two red shirts: one for brother and another for myself.

Third, I bought a red book by Lovecraft for brother.

Fourth, I bought a red dress for mummy.


What is going on in my mind?

New Age please restore my colour to my mind. I am either Amethyst or Sky. Never RED.


Oh, by the way, CNY is coming, so, yeah, RED for you all! And me! And us! GONG XI FA CAI!

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