Thursday, February 28, 2013

Listen to the Rain

Rain. My favourite weather.
But not for my dad, who works better under sunny weather.
But not for my mom, who dries her laundry better under sunny weather.

So, I keep the rain to myself.

Everytime I watch the clouds roll by and darken, I smile.

I await the moment of rain.

     the fountain sputtering and struggling over the rainfall
     the window tainted with beautiful pearl drops
     the leaves in the garden keep nodding in meaningless agreement

     myself, watching over the moist air
     your face, under the heavy downpour
     my smile, over the distance measured in puddles

City life has transformed everyone's heart.

Rain is a trap. It doesn't make you go free
    to eat, to shop, to go to work or school

But rain, is freedom.

Stand in the natural shower
Drench yourself in the sweet tears from heaven

Don't feel it.
Don't feel the rain with your heart just yet.

Open your ears
Listen very closely

It calls your name

you feel the rain.

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