Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Message in a Bottle (1)

Dear Sea,

I don't know whom to talk to at this moment, so I chose to cast my bottle to you.

I have been a little lonely. I remembered my tutor told me, the older we get, the lonelier we are, until only family is the one who clings on to each other. Is it true that this is happening to me now?

I am quite confused about something about myself. I don't know how to speak out. I need someone with an exceptional good ear to listen and help me. But in my heart I know, there is nobody. Not even one in the entire Earth population. LOL. Because if that person really do exist, he might explode by the sheer fact of information overload.

Dear Sea, I am reaching to another stage of life. My dreams are not realised. The sense of frustration and guilt overwhelms me while I try to keep it down. Nobody understands me at this time! They may have simple life, and so have I. But at some point, it is tangled way beyond hope.

A tight knot in my life.

I want to be alone, forever. I want to live a place where nobody knows me or my existence. Why? Because I tend to find 'the One' quickly. A symmetrical complement of myself. Sigh! I am now very 'emo'. I want to cry.

I am about to lose many important things in a few months time. My heart can't cope it. I can't! Why do I make such silly mistakes? Is it just for me to learn? Or?

Sea, I trust you. You are my friend for now. I wish I can be with you forever, even if that meant I jump and drown myself.

I don't want to face my life like this anymore.

Sad loner.

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