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Saturday, June 30, 2012

Nexus (Chapter 1)

Title  : NEXUS
Date   : 7098 A.D.


He looked out of the window. The ocean was in its usual blue-green, lurking behind those thick grey clouds. The land was ever green.

"Tea, sir?" a servitor asked mechanically.

"No, thank you," he replied while waving the servitor away.

He recalled how Earth was like thousands of years ago when it was in its sky-blue and forest-green. And now, Earth reverted back to its past state. He sighed at such beauty. Rain and mountains. Nothing could have matched the beauty of Earth itself. Even the humans had made something spectacular: the plasma fountain the size of Mars, somehow, the blue marble was the most attractive ornament in the solar system.

"Do you need a companion, sir?" the servitor had returned.

"No..." he trailed off. Then he corrected, "Yes, please. But don't utter a word. I need a companion, not a chatterbox."

"Yes, sir," the servitor obliged.

So many years, he had seen the number of humans dwindling. And now, he had come to a point he had the most fear in believing: the last human standing.

Or drifting.

There were no humans left standing on Earth, trampling the grass and soaring the heavens. Nature was taking over when it knew it was winning over a long battle with humans.

Buildings began to crumble and decay.

Streets collapsed.

Humanity... vanished... soon.

"It is intelligence itself destroy intelligence... if you know where and what to avoid..."

He remembered someone telling him this, but he couldn't remember who. And now, it was too late to stop intelligence, for humans had destroyed themselves. Not by natural disasters, not by wars, not by alien invasions. But something so hidden and subtle that no one saw it coming.

It was the minds of humans that destroyed themselves.

His thought was interrupted when there was a loud beeping noise from his console, signifying that there is someone - or something - sentient is still alive.

"It's impossible..." he gasped.

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